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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Jane (McKee) Campbell

Over the summer, a very kind soul sent me additional information on Jane. This additional information is going to cause me to revise not only Jane's story but also Robert's story. Based on this information, Jane stayed in New York City until about 1849 and I'm thinking that she stayed with her brother Robert and his family. So I have them in Randolph County too early. I'm going to have to take a critical look at Robert's story too.

Over the summer, I also fully implimented the user defined field with codes (F,O,D,L,-). F = Find a Grave; O = Obituary; D = Dead; L = Lurk; - = living person. I've added 248 memorials to Find A Grave. I've tracked down lots of obituaries; however, not all of them have burial locations. I need to work on that problem. I've also found additional death dates that I've never had before. The next step is locating obituaries. I have all of my lurks marked so that I can sweep through the database twice a year starting next year. With the coding, I'll know exactly who I should be looking for obituaries for, which will make searching more efficient. It's kinda goulish but death is a natural part of life I suppose.