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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Florence Huff or Florence Robbins, 1905-1992, Maine, Florida, Colorado

One thing that doing newspapers research has caused me to do is revisit the research for each person in my database. I'm making sure I've included every available record. I've uncovered a few mistakes and have found information added since the last time I looked, which has been a few years. Today I started looking at a person whose last name is either Huff or Robbins. I've got records that would indicate that both are possible. This puzzle started when I looked up Florence's marriage record.

Ancestry.com. New Hampshire, Marriage Records Index, 1637-1947 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2011.
Name: Florence M Robbins
Marriage Date: 31 May 1930
Event Type: Marriage
Marriage Place: Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Birth Date: abt 1905
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Father's name: George Robbins
Mother's name: Harriet Lansing
Spouse Name: Frank A Anderson
Spouse Age: 27
Spouse Gender: Male
Spouse Father's Name: Joseph
Spouse Mother's Name: Julia Pierce
FHL Film Number: 2057170

Biddeford Journal, Biddeford, Maine 6 Jun 1980, Page 31

GOLDEN WEDDING - Frank and Florence Anderson of Goose Rocks Beach, Kennebunkport, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary May 31 at the home of her brother and sister-in-law, Robert and Ernestine Huff of Jenkins Road, Saco. Fifty relatives and friends attended the surprise party which was given by the honor couple's children, Joyce Anderson of Yuma, Colo., Guy Anderson of Biddeford and Judie Lenhart of Greeley, Colo., and the Huffs. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson were married May 31,1930, at Portsmouth, N.H. They have lived in Biddeford and Kennebunkport ever since. Their family also includes seven grandchildren and a great-grandchild.

If you look up Florence Huff on Ancestry and check the Public Member Trees, you'll find four trees under both the names Florence Huff and Florence Robbins, with both women marrying Frank Anderson. So it would appear that I'm not the only confused person.
  • Florence Huff's parents are William O Huff and Ivy M Clark.
  • Florence Robbins' parents are George M Robbins and Harriet M Lansing
Here's the census layout.
  • 1910 has a Huff entry.
    Florence is with the Huff family in Lyman, York, Maine.
    Her father William is married to Ivy in this census.
  • 1920 has a Robbins entry.
    Florence is with the Robbins family in Biddeford, York, Maine.
    1920 has a Huff entry.
    Robert (Florence's brother) is still with his father William O Huff.
    William is married to Helen in this census.
  • 1930 has a Robbins entry.
    Florence is there in Biddeford, York, Maine.
    1930 has a Huff entry.
    William is a boarder in Biddeford and is listed as divorced. He has no children with him.
  • 1940 has no Robbins entry.
    1940 has a Huff entry. William is divorced and living with his son James. 

It would appear that based on the census entries and subsequent records that Florence started life as Florence Huff, and for some unknown reason, becomes Florence Robbins between 1910 and 1920. 

As an additional piece of information, in Florence's daughter Lillian Joyce's obituary, her mother is listed as Florence Robins

So what happened is a puzzlement. If you have information to contribute, please post a comment to this blog post.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Joseph G. McKee, 1804-1884, Northern Ireland; Sparta, Randolph County, Illinois, United States

Joe seems to be the first person in the McKee family who comes to the U.S. The question is: What is his first wife's name?

Based on research for Joe's brother, William, I know that William is in the Port/Mount Norris, County Armagh area as late as 11 May 1837 because of the birth of his daughter there on that date.

In 1834 I can find the following information:
Joseph McKee appears on a Kilcon Tithe Applotment (1834)...a hop away from Port Norris in Loughgilly and geographic coverage is Mountnorris, Armagh, Ireland
This Joseph is gone from Griffith's Valuation, which occurs later. In addition, this Joseph may or may not be my Joseph. Of note, I have a photocopied story that has Joseph stating that one of the reasons for leaving Ireland was rising rents.

By 1838, Joe is in Randolph County, Illinois. Here's the quotation that confirms his presence.
The Trails, Randolph County Genealogy Society, Vol 15, No 17, Page 33

At Joe McKee's house, Mrs. Eliza Stewart and Mrs. Martha McKee received on certification.
So I have a working theory that Joe and his wife (and possibly children) emigrated between 1834 and 1838.

The closest I can come to this date is this record on Ancestry.com are as follows:
Name: Joseph McKee
Arrival date: 13 Jul 1830
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Port of Arrival: Philadelphia
Port of Departure: Londonderry
Place of Origin: Great Britain
Destination: USA
Ship Name: Ship Asia
National Archives' Series Number: 425
Microfilm Number: 45
List Number: 113

Name: Martha Mackey
Arrival date: 13 Jul 1830
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Port of Arrival: Philadelphia
Port of Departure: Londonderry
Place of Origin: Great Britain
Destination: USA
Ship Name: Ship Asia
National Archives' Series Number: 425
Microfilm Number: 45
List Number: 113

If you look for Joe on Ancestry.com and check the families, they suggest that his wife's name is Elizabeth. They offer no source for the information that I've noticed. I have seen a Philadelphia arrival record that has a Joseph McKee entering with an Elizabeth McKee. But for the life of me, I can't locate that record. But again, even if I could find this record, I have nothing to say that this couple are the couple I'm looking for. 

If you have anything to add to this thorny knot, I'd be happy to hear from you. Please leave me a message. In the interim, I'm going with Martha until I have info to the contrary.

Update: I've been pondering the question of Joe's wife's name for days and two things occur to me.

  1. No reason exist to assume that Joe is married when he emigrates from N. Ireland. He's in his 20s and members of the McKee family (like many Scots-Irish families) tend to marry later. 
  2. I've never check the early marriage records for Randolph or surrounding counties to see if there is any record of Joe marrying post emigrating to the U.S., which based on the evidence I have is entirely possible. 

So I've perhaps reasoned my way to a new line of research; that is, Joe marries the first time in the U.S. I'll update the blog if and when I make any startling discoveries.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

John Karber, Gypsum, Saline, Kansas, 1892-1954

I've been fumbling around with the John Karbers in Gypsum, Kansas. Two John Karbers are there born just a year or so apart. However, only one of them was married to Mary Velma Thompson. Needless to say the records are mixed and it has always been hard to tell them apart.

John Karber s/o Nicholas Karber and Elizabeth Berger

John Karber s/o Michael Karber and Anna V. Hoffman

I finally decided last night that I was going to tackle this knot and see what I could find.

The first record that confirmed that Mary Velma Thompson had actually married a John Karber was in the 1915 Kansas State census.

Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, Kansas; Roll: ks1915_214; Line: 12
Name: John Karber
Census Date: 1915
Residence County: Saline
Residence State: Kansas
Locality: Gypsum
Birth Place: Kansas
Family Number: 79
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Birth Year: abt 1892
Race: White
Household Member(s): Name Age
John Karber 23
Velma Karber 24

With this entry, I had an approximate date range to start searching newspapers. Here are the entries I found that confirm the marriage. And boy did I luck up. One of the articles identified, John's parents.

The Gypsum Advocate, Gypsum, Kansas, 25 Oct 1979, Page 4
Do You Remember?
Taken from the files of The Advocate.
October 23, 1914--65 years ago
John Karber, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Karber, south of Gypsum, and Velma Thompson, of Roxbury, were united in marriage last Thursday in Salina by Probate Judge Wilson.

The Democrat-Opinion, McPherson, Kansas, 30 Oct 1914, Page 8
Roxbury Notes.
Another wedding occurred last Wednesday. Miss Velma Thompson and John Karber were married at the Catholic Church at Salina. They are at home on the Matt Karber farm four miles southwest of Gypsum.

For the first time, I had definitive evidence that I was search for info on the John Karber who was the son of Nicholas and Elizabeth Karber. But it turned out there was much more information to find. Here's the information about Velma and John's bitter divorce.

The Salina Evening Journal, Salina, Kansas, 7 Jun 1918, Page 1
Charges and Counter Charges Fly Thick in District Court.
The domestic troubles of John Karber and his wife, Velma Karber, both of Gypsum are being thoroughly aired in district court today before Judge Dallas Grover, where Karber is suing his wife for divorce.
Serious charges and counter charges are made against each by the parties, a large number of witnesses are in attendance from the Gypsum neighborhood and the case is expected to take the remainder of the day.

The Salina Evening Journal, Salina, Kansas, 10 Jun 1918, Page 1
Condition of Mrs. Karber Forces Recess in Case.
The divorce case of John Karber, against Velma Karber, which has been on trial in the district court since Friday, bids fair to occupy the attention of the court for several days yet. The introduction of testimony by Mrs. Karker was started this morning, Mrs. Karber herself taking the stand as the first witness in her own behalf. The nervous excitement of the ordeal caused her to break down at ten-thirty this morning and a recess of court was taken to permit her to recover.

Western Kansas Journal, Salina, Kansas, 13 Jun 1918
Woman in Divorce Case is Remembered by Friends.
Attorneys are arguing the Karber divorce suit before District Judge Dallas Grover today, the taking of testimony having been concluded at adjourning time last night.
The trial of this case, which began last Friday, has attracted a large crowd from Gypsum City, many coming as witnesses in the case. The parties are well known in Gypsum neighborhood. At the conclusion of the argument this afternoon Judge Grover took the case under advisement.
An interesting feature of today's hearing is the flowers given Mrs. Karber by a group of her friends, who surround her at each recess of court as the case proceeds.
To each of the floral offerings given her today was attached a card bearing these words:
"In loving sympathy of Mrs. Velma Karber. From friends."

The Gypsum Advocate, Gypsum, Kansas, 27 Jun 1918, Page 10
A decree of divorce was granted by District Judge Grover late yesterday to Mrs. Velma Karber from her husband, John Karber. The judgment was rendered on Mrs. Karber's cross petition. Mrs. Karber was given the custody of her three year old son.

And just to add a little salt to the wound, we have this tidbit.

The Gypsum Advocate, Gypsum, Kansas, 11 Jul 1918, Page 8
I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to all my friends and neighbors for their part in helping restore my darling baby boy to my arms again. May the Lord's richest blessings rest upon all of you.--Mrs. Velma Karber.

The baby boy was Paul Thompson Karber, Sr. b. 9 Dec 1915, Gypsum, Saline, Kansas d. 5 Nov 1978 Garden City, Finney, Kansas. You can find his memorial on Find A Grave (14806050).

I've posted this info all over the place for researchers to use and to correct entries on Find A Grave (due diligence since I made one of the original errors on Find A Grave by connecting to the wrong John Karber.)

Newspapers...What a good thing!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Gwendolyn Margaret Davies, 1920-1990, Alabama, Mississippi, California

One of the primary things you can find while doing newspaper research is information about marriages. Here's an example.

The San Bernardino County Sun, San Bernardino, California, 15 Sep 1943, Page 14
WEDDING CHAPEL at the First Presbyterian church in Santa Barbara was chosen by Miss Gwendolyn Margaret Davies and Pvt. Elmer Wayne Woodside, both of San Bernardino, as the scene of their marriage, which occurred Thursday, Sept. 2. Private Woodside is stationed at the Army Air base in Santa Maria.

The San Bernardino County Sun, San Bernardino, California, 15 Sep 1943, Page 14
Miss Gwendolyn Davies Is Now Mrs. Woodside
Miss Gwendolyn Margaret Davies, daughter of Mrs. Rhoda Willis Davies, 1133 Sepulveda avenue, and Pvt. Elmer Wayne Woodside, also of San Bernardino, were married in a quiet ceremony, performed the Rev. Dean F. Babbit Thursday, Sept. 2, in the chapel of the Santa Barbara First Presbyterian church. The chapel was decorated with gladioli.
The bride wore a blue-gray suit with black accessories. She was attended by her mother.
The former Miss Davies, who has made her home in San Bernardino for three years, attended school in Needles, while Private Woodside attended schools in San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Long Beach.
The bridegroom, son of H. A. Woodside of Rialto avenue, is stationed at the Army Air base at Santa Maria. Mrs. Woodside will remain in San Bernardino, where she is employed in the diet kitchen at the county hospital.

Lots of times wedding articles can give you all sorts of hints about where people lived and worked and can give you a better date for the actual wedding.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Jose Guillermo "Billy" Ortiz, 1928-1999, New Mexico and Colorado

The type of item that sends a genealogist into over drive is finding out that somebody in your family was a horse thief or a cattle rustler. Well below we have an article documenting the exploits of an in-law--Jose a.k.a. Billy Ortiz--who is a bonafide cattle rustler. What a hoot!

The Santa Fe New Mexican, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2 Dec 1954, Page 2
Student Faces Cattle Charge
Jose G. (Billy) Ortiz, Highlands University student and a resident of the San Juan Pueblo, was charged this morning with the theft of cattle from two Indians at the Pueblo.
Ortiz was arrested and charged by Hall Mullen, cattle board sanitary inspector, and Federal Bureau of Investigation agents. The complaint filed against the pueblo Indian stated that on or about October 30, at the San Juan Pueblo, he stole two head of cattle from Leandro Cruz and one head from Andres Montoyn.
Arraignment of Ortiz on the charges was scheduled for 3 p.m. today before U.S. Commissioner Dean Zinn. 

Billy married Valerea Joyce Burck (a direct McKee descendent) 1 Apr 1950.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Harrison Reid "Harry" McKinley, 1892-1957, Illinois and Winconsin

The original death info I had on Harry was that he died in Chicago, Cook, Illinois. I got this information from a family member...a person who is a reliable source. However, the source was in error based on the obit that I've found for Harry. Here it is.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 27 Nov 1957, Page 25
McKINLEY, Harry R., aged 65 years, of 2818 S. 71st st., beloved husband of Jennie, fond father of Kenneth McKinley, father-in-law of Gladys McKinley, grandfather of Robert McKinley, brother of Ralph of Tilden, Ill.; Olive Dickey and May Henderson of Marissa, Ill. Funeral services will be from the Finger Funeral Home, Marissa, Ill., Fri. afternoon at 2. Burial in Tilden cemetery, Tilden.

My three plus year newspaper adventure is paying off in so many instance. I've corrected the FAG memorial based on this new info.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Edward Everett Jones Update

Newspaper research is just plain frustrating. Just when you think you've done every search possible and you decide to try one last time, you hit pay dirt. Here's the additional info I've found on Edward Everett Jones and Mabel Estella Woodside.

El Paso Herald, El Paso, Texas, 19 Jan 1911, Page 11
Judge A. M. Waithall, Presiding.
Ed E. Janes vs. Mabel Jones, suit for divorce filed.

El Paso Herald, El Paso, Texas, 28 Oct 1911, Page 2
Edward Jones Had Divorced Wife Living in El Paso
Edward E. Jones, a former resident of El Paso, who attempted to commit suicide Friday Morning at the Antler's hotel, at Clovis, N. M., is the divorced husband of Mrs. Mabel Jones, living at 718 North Santa Fe Street.
Mrs. Jones states that on Friday she received advice from Tom Davenport that her husband was in a critical condition from an attempt to take his life; in answer she telegraphed that she be advised from time to time of Jones's condition, but up to the present she has heard nothing further concerning his condition.
She says she can assign no reason for Jones's action and that, as far as she knows, theer could have been no reason except weariness of life.
Jones at one time lived in El Paso, having been a representative of the La Salle extension university of law at Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Jones were divorced last January, she remaining here and he going to Utah and New Mexico in the interest of his busines. He is about 51 years old, and has a son about 7 years of age, who lives with his mother.

(Misspelled words are as they appear in the articles.)

So just when I think I've exhausted everything where Ed is concerned, I'm now going to be in pursuit of death info in New Mexico.