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Child 5 Jane McKee Campbell

1.5 Jane McKee
b. 1821 Northern Ireland
d. 1891 Potsdam, Webster County, Nebraska
m. 6 Jan 1849 Randolph County, Illinois
Harvey Campbell
b. 19 Feb 1815 South Carolina
d. 17 Jul 1882 Coulterville, Randolph County, Illinois

Child 1.5.1 John Alexander Campbell
b. 16 Oct 1849 Illinois
d. 7 Nov 1857 Coulterville, Randolph County, Illinois

Child 1.5.2 Mary Agnes Campbell
b. 3 Sep 1851 Coulterville, Randolph County, Illinois
d. 10 Sep 1891 Blue Hill, Webster County, Nebraska

Child 1.5.3 Jane Minerva Campbell
b. 5 Oct 1853 Coulterville, Randolph County, Illinois
d. 10 Jun 1836 Hagerman, Chevas County, New Mexico

Child 1.5.4 Robert Harvey Campbell
b. 10 Sep 1856 Coulterville, Randolph County, Illinois
d. 1 Oct 1884 Coulterville, Randolph County, Illinois


I received a copy of a document this summer from a decendent of Jane's. This document notes that after coming to the United States, Jane stays in New York City with a brother (probably, Robert) for ten years. She works as a servant (Irish maids were highly sought after) and later sews pieces of fur togther to make hats. The document states that she had a suitor in New York City, but she abandons the relationship. Speculation is that Jane's family would find the suitor unacceptable perhaps based on religious difference.

The first time I can place Jane definitely in Randolph County, Illinois is on the 6th of January 1849 when 28-year-old Jane marries 33-year-old Harvey CAMPBELL. Harvey is from a family that is a document part of the Presbyterian migration from Ireland, into South Carolina, and on to Randolph County, Illinois.

Harvey is a bit of a land speculator. He is easily traced in the land records of Perry and Randolph Counties. By the 1860’s, the Campbell family is living on their farm in the Coulterville, Illinois area.

After having two sons and two daughters, Harvey and Jane lose their oldest son.

With the start of the 1870’s, the CAMPBELL children are all in their teens and approaching the time when marriages traditionally occur. And occur they do. On 6 March 1873, Mary Agnes marries James Martin WOODSIDE. Through the 1870’s and 1880’s, the WOODSIDE family present Harvey and Jane with many grandchildren. Mary Agnes has a total of eight children.

A second CAMPBELL daughter marries on 19 March 1878. Jane Minerva marries William H. JAMES who is also a Coulterville native but is living in Blue Hill, Webster County, Nebraska. The JAMES family have one child in Coulterville, and then move to William’s homestead in Blue Hill. They have two additional children while living in Blue Hill for a total of three children.

The taking of the 1880 census shows the CAMPBELL family living where you would expect to find them—Coulterville. Twenty-three year old Robert is still living at home with his aging parents. He is noted in the census as being employed as a school teacher.

Over the next few years, Harvey’s health begins to fail. He dies on 17 July 1882. His obituary mentions that he is confined to his bed for some time before he dies at 8 a.m. on the 17th. He is buried in Caledonia Cemetery. Harvey dies intestate—that is, without a will. For a man who has been so involved with legal proceedings because of land purchases, I find it interesting that he would leave his affairs in disarray. Son Robert H. CAMPBELL takes matters in hand and asks that he be granted letters of administration.

With the death of Harvey, Jane (MCKEE) CAMPBELL lives with her son Robert until he dies in 1884. At that point, she goes to live with her daughters in Nebraska. In 1891, Jane dies at Potsdam, Webster County, Nebraska. Her body is sent home for burial.

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