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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Winfred Eugene Henderson d. 28 Feb 1976 Eugene, Lane County, Oregon

After several repeated attempts at getting a Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness volunteer to send me a copy of Ira Henderson's obit, I finally received a copy that I could see and read. I used it to update Ira's Find A Grave Memorial (46526701). I already had his wife's obit (Eula); however, one child Winfred had died before Eula, which was the reason I was pursuing Ira's obit.  I was hoping it would provide some leads on Winfred, their oldest child. It worked.

Winfred Eugene Henderson (went by Fred)
b. 9 Sep 1916 Texas (probably Clarendon, Donley County)
d. 28 Feb 1976 Eugene, Lane County, Oregon
m. 27 Dec 1934 Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri
Bertha Agnes Briggs
b. 19 Sep 1915 Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri
d. 7 Jan 2008 Eugene, Lane County, Oregon

Winfred was born in Texas, a grandson of Lucinda Ann (Booth) Henderson, a great grandson of Mary Jane (McKee) Booth. A year after Winfred's birth, in 1917, his father, Ira, registers for the World War I draft, listing his home as Clarendon, Donley County, Texas.

About 1920, Winfred's grandfather  (Hezekiah Othnell Henderson) moves his family to Kansas City, Missouri. Most of the Henderson family follows Hezekiah. Hezekiah dies in Kansas City in 1933.

Because I had contact with a member of the Henderson family, I knew to look for later records in California, and I found lots of records in California. In Winfred's case, this knowledge did me no good. However, with his father Ira's obituary, I found that I should be looking in Eugene, Oregon. With that piece of information, tracking Winfred became an easy task.

Through my research, I've found that I can't overstate the value of obits. For the subject of the obituary, you frequently get confirmation on parents' names, date and place of birth, who they married and when and where the marriage occurred. The survivor lists provide married names for daughters and place names for everybody. Lots of obits provide interesting details like occupations and hobbies, which you can use to locate more information. These invaluable leads are the reason that I pursue every obit I can.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Freda Mae (Lee) Jackson Millard Update

In my blurry eyed state last night, I forgot to check Family Search...duh! They have a transcribed death record for Freda Mae Millard, which provides the extra bit of info that she died in Lamar County, Texas.

When I entered Freda Mae Lee in Family Search, up pops a 1930 census entry for a Freta M. Lee in Delta County, Texas. The entry notes that Freta was born in Texas to John and Evie Lee. I usually cross check difficult to find census entries in Family Search. They seem to cast a wider net when searching, which is sometime good but sometimes bad...too many returns. In this case, it was good.

So now I have a bit more info to track a birth record for Freda/Frita and marriage for James and Freda to see if I've matched the right James to the right Freda.

Friday, June 17, 2011

James Sidney Jackson 28 Sep 1917 to 28 Mar 1969 Cooper, Delta County, Texas

While looking for obituaries, I started concentrating on James Sidney Jackson (FAG 54379712). I didn't have a wife for him. But he's in Texas, which means I can search the Texas birth records to see if he is listed as a parent. He turns up as the parent of four children, all born in Delta County, Texas. From about 1930, James' family is living in Delta County, Texas and James dies in Cooper, Delta County, Texas. In the Texas birth records, James' wife is listed as Freda Mae Lee. Certainly not conclusive proof but it's a start.

James is buried in Oaklawn Cemetery, Cooper, Delta County, Texas. Lots of Jacksons are in that cemetery. He has no links to other family members. So finding his wife via Find A Grave was impossible. However, now that I had info that he was probably married to Freda, I could search for Freda Jackson. She's there! See memorial 54379709. The person who added the memorial was kind enough to add plot info to both memorials. James and Freda are both buried in BL W R5 L3. I'm taking this as pretty strong evidence that I'm on the right track.

On Find A Grave, I was able to pick up dates of birth and death for Freda (10 Apr 1924 to 23 Mar 1990). I immediately went to the Social Security Death Index and got nothing! Since James died in 1969, Freda had enough time to remarry. To find her, I entered her first name and her date of death into the Social Security Death Index, and she popped right up. She died as Frida Millard (459-80-5714).

I'm still looking for obituaries for James and Freda but at least I have more info to work with. My next stop is going to be Pipl.com to see what turns up on Freda and her children. You never know what you're going to get at Pipl. So wish me more luck.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Something that made me shiver...

I've been poking around looking for obits for people on Find A Grave; that is, people for whom I have no obituary. I was looking at the Karber family. They are buried in Valley View Cemetery, Garden City, Finney County, KS.

I looked up the newspaper--The Garden City Telegram. While clicking links, I happened upon the tidbit that Holcomb, which is seven miles from Garden City, was the site of the Clutter murders. Truman Capote told the story of this family's murder in his book In Cold Blood. I read it when I was in my 20's...it was a horrific crime and a chilling read. It turns out that the Karber family was living in Garden City when the murders occurred.

Another odd coincident is that the Clutter family is also buried in the Valley View Cemetery. You can find them on Find A Grave at 5085609.

Like everybody else in the world, I find that I have lots of odd connections to events and people. Most of my connections are funny and entertaining. This one just caused me to say a prayer that all of my connections stay safe in a sometime dangerous world.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Anderson Obits

Finally, checked the Google News Archive to see what newspapers they had. Lo and behold they have the Biddeford Weekly Journal with dates that cover Anderson family events.

Biddeford Weekly Journal, Biddeford, Maine, 28 Apr 1911, page 3

Joseph Anderson

Joseph Anderson, a well known resident of this city who underwent an operation at the Trull hospital some 10 days ago for an affection of the brain died Monday at that institution, the efforts of the surgeons to prolong his life proving of no avail. The operation, which is known as trapanning and which is a very delicate one, was performed for the purpose of removing a tumor from the brain, a part of the skull being removed. It was performed by Dr. H. F. Twitchell of Portland, who was assisted by Dr. F. E. Small of this city.

For a time following the operation the patient seemed to improve, but more recently there was a change for the worse, when it was realized that nothing could be done for the unfortunate man.

Mr. Anderson was a slosher tender on the Pepperell and lived at 17 Middle Street, where the funeral will be held, notice of which will be given later. His age was about 47 years. He came to this country from England a number of years ago and had since that time resided in this city. He is survived by a wife and nine children.

Biddeford Weekly Journal, Biddeford, Maine, 17 May 1912, Page 8

William J. Anderson

Last Monday, following a long illness, occurred the death of William J. Anderson at the age of 14 years and nine months. He is survived by his mother, three brothers and five sisters and a grandmother, of whom live at 17 Middle Street.

The young man was a son of Mrs. Julia and the late Joseph Anderson and had many friends who will mourn his untimely death. He was a member of the Boy Scouts of Christ church.

Now that I've blitz my way to the two events I knew should be there, I need to stop and do a careful read to pick up any less obvious info. It's time to move off of my laptop and onto my desktop with the huge monitor...to save my poor old eyes.