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Sunday, October 9, 2011

While I've been hacking and coughing...

I've had the worse cold this week, including a burning chest and eyes. As a result, I haven't gotten squat done. The one interesting thing that has happened is an email exchange with a Booth descendant. She emailed me at an old AOL account that I've kept because I still have people find that address and contact me.

Here's Alicia's line: granddaughter of William Bailey Uptergrove and Cora Sue Henderson; great grandaughter of Hezekiah Othnell Henderson and Lucinda Ann Booth; great great granddaughter of Ananias Jackson Booth and Mary Jane McKee, great great great granddaughter of Joseph G. McKee and his unknown first wife.

I've sent Alicia a gedcom so she can cross check and explain the error of my ways to me. When working with the Booth's, I'm using documents only. While that usuallly works, wierd stuff can happen. For example, a Booth contacted me about a Find A Grave location. Turns out that I was right about the original burial location...I had all the documents...except that afterward, the family had the body moved. You can't beat firsthand knowledge. Needless to say, I fixed the Find A Grave memorial.

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