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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sorry to have disappeared...

I've been steeped in work for the Florida State Genealogical Society. Their annual conference is this weekend in Maitland. I've been working on the conference syllabus and banquet program. I'll be sure to tell you how the documents turned out.

Also, my presentation partner, Pattie, and I are doing two presentations and we've been working on them too. I'm sitting here tonight cutting 100 CDs with handouts, presentations, etc. for attendees. Hopefully, we'll have someone to give the CDs to! We're doing presentations on using Paint to create graphics from webpages (kinda backdoor PDFing) and conducting a family survey (sort of a cold mailing to people you don't know but think you're related to).

Another item of note...I received an email today with a PDF of an article of mine that's going to be in Internet Genealogy. Exciting stuff! The article is on how to use Joliprint to create PDFs from webpages.

Pattie and I have also decided to go to RootsTech...so I'll diappear in February for a week too. RootsTech should be lots of fun...probably somewhat of a mystery at times.

Anyway, things should be back to normal next week and I'll start posting regular research postings again.

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