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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nancy Susana (McKee) Goodbar 1889-1927 Illinois, Missouri, Texas

I've had a pretty good handle on the children of Lemuel M. McKee and his wife Mary Elizabeth Blair. Only one child, a daughter, Nancy McKee (child 3) has remained a mystery. I knew from obituaries that she had married a Mr. Goodbar. From the 1900 census, I knew she had been born in Jul 1889. However, this too little information hasn't allowed me to get very far. 

As is so often the case, an event precipitated the posting of information on Ancestry.com. Nancy's granddaughter, Sharon Blair (Goodbar) Hetchler, died on 3 Feb 2011. A researcher posted information that has provided significant leads. Here's what I've been able to confirm so far.

Nancy Susana McKee (FAG memorial 82413173)
b. 17 Jul 1889 Illinois
d. 1 Apr 1927 Dallas, Dallas County, Texas
m. abt 1918 (where? date?)
James Horace Goodbar
b. 23 Jan 1889 Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee
d. 23 Mar 1973 Dallas, Dallas County, Texas

Child 1: Horace Blair Goodbar (FAG memorial 34633269)
b. 20 Jan 1919 Dallas, Dallas County, Texas
d. 9 Sep 1966 Dallas, Dallas County, Texas

Child 2: James Horace Goodbar
b. 21 Jan 1919 Dallas, Dallas County, Texas
A certificate for this child exists. I'm assuming they are twin boys born late at night. However, the certificate may also be a mistake. The researcher on Ancestry.com doesn't not mention this child.

Horace Blair Goodbar went by Blair. Blair married twice and had four children. Here is their information.

Wife 1: Edna Vermelle Holmes
b. 6 Feb 1919 Greenville, Hunt County, Texas
d. 19 Mar 1986 Dallas, Dallas County, Texas (died as Mrs. Phelps)

Child 1: Sharon Blair Goodbar (FAG memorial 79294482)
b. 30 Oct 1942 Dallas, Dallas County, Texas
d. 3 Feb 2011 Garland, Dallas County, Texas
m. Living Hetchler

Wife 2: Living Reid
b. 25 Aug 1920 Wichita County, Texas

Wife 2 and Blair had two daughters and a son, all of whom are living.

I'm still tracking information for members of this family. I've used Facebook to send a message to one of Blair's daughters to see if anyone in the family is interested in the project/information. I'm hoping that they are willing to fill in the blanks I still have.

I'm going to keep looking for info for this family. As always, if you're reading this blog and you're interested in this family please email me.

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