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Monday, March 10, 2014

Surprise in my Cheshire ListServ

I still subscribe to a few lists. Younger researchers might or might not pay attention to this older technology. Basically, you subscribe to an email list, people send emails to the list address, and emails with contents are sent to everybody who subscribes to the list. The Cheshire ListServ has always been an active one and well worth the time to go through the email I receive because of the subscription. I've written about this list before in the post British Bonanza.

Click here to find out more about these lists.

Well today, the very kind Vanessa Dixon posted a link to a YouTube video of Dukinfield Cemetery & Crematorium. The video is basically a walking tour of this large cemetery. I have several burials there. Here's the Find A Grave list:

George Duncan Dodd
Agnes Eleanor Kay Gough
Norman Joseph Gough
Isaac Henshaw
Jane Anderson Smith Henshaw
Dinah Smith Kay
James Taylor Kay
Agnes Eleanor Anderson Smith
Clara Smith

Since I'm not jetting off to Dukinfield anytime soon (sigh...), being able to see Vanessa's video was a lovely surprise. Vanessa has 187 other posted videos. So I suppose I'll be picking through YouTube videos and seeing what else Vanessa has that I might find interesting.

Older technology (ListServ) working with newer technology (YouTube)...It's a good genealogy thing...

P.S. Vanessa also has a photostream on Flickr. Looks like it's visual arts night.

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