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Saturday, July 9, 2011

A new use for the custom ID

I've written before about using a custom ID in my genealogy software (PAF). I've discovered a new use!

I've been in a lull lately. I've been picking up bits and pieces while searching, but nothing that would cause me to write a blog entry. So I decided I'd start at the top of my list and start posting bios for some of the people in my database. One of my stated purposes for the blog is to post bios for each person in my database. Well in any list, the people without last names, that is, the women who married into the family, are at the top of the list. I started with Agnes (Mrs. Howard Ashworth Blair) adding information based on her husband Howard Ashworth Blair.

After I completed the post, I realized that I had no way to tell who in my database had a basic bio on my blog. I immediately reverted to my custom ID field and added a B (blog) for each person that was included in the Howard Ashworth Blair posting.

I've posted additional bios and continued to add a B to the custom IDs for each person included. I can look down my Custom ID column and see exactly who has a bio and who doesn't.

Custom IDs...the tool that keeps expanding...

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