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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Murphy Connection

While I was at RootsTech, I bought a copy of Roots Magic. I had to have a learning plan. I decided against importing a gedcom of the McKee family tree because it is a huge file...and mostly complete. It's clean as a whistle but I didn't want to have to try to learn new software on such a large database (almost 2,000 people). Also, I needed to be able to build a file; that is, make entries to the database so that I learned how Roots Magic handles data.

What I decided to do was to begin with the Murphy family. Here's the connection.
  • Margaret Susannah McKee married George Ardell Leemon and they had Mary Agnes Leemon.
  • Prudence Murphy married Robert Luke and they had James Alexander Luke.
  • Mary Agnes Leemon married James Alexander Luke and they had Marguerite Murphy Luke.
  • Marguerite Murphy Luke married Peter Dumas Treme and they had James Brice Treme (my father).
The Murphy family moved to Illinois around the time that Illinois became a state in 1818. Later census entries note that many family members were born in Tennessee. I've yet to find a location in Tennessee; however, I haven't tried that hard either.

I decided that the Murphy family was small enough that I could start with them and learn Roots Magic along the way.

So you're going to see me take a break from posting about McKee descendants, while I explore the Murphy line.

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