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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Contact with Uptergrove Cousin

I've had another contact from the Booth line. Jackie is from the Lucinda Ann (Booth) Henderson line.

Ananias Jackson Booth (Sr)-->Lucinda Ann (Booth) Henderson-->Cora Sue (Henderson) Uptergrove, and then through one of the Uptergrove children.

Jackie hasn't said which of the Uptergrove children. But then this is a first contact and most people are shy at the beginning. Also, it's prudent in the world today to be careful.

Jackie found me through my Rootsweb website, which is in great need of an overhaul. Websites are way more difficult to maintain that this blog is proving to be.

I've responded Jackie. So, we'll see what happens. It could be a start that results in lots of great trades. Regardless, it's nice to know about another cousin.

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