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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Find A Grave (FAG) Bullies

After spending an absolutely wonderful day at a genealogy conference (John Philip Colletta, PhD...adore the man's mind), I find myself being hounded via email by what can only be described as a FAG bully. She has one family member that married into my family (a second marriage with no children yet!) and she's sending me "corrections" for problems that I've resolved long ago.

Don't get me wrong. I love FAG. But every once in a while you encounter some driven individual who seems not to understand that when you write you adopt a tone. This woman is sending me emails that all but scream, "Do what I tell you NOW!"

I decided to visit her profile. Low and behold...it's filled with tone too. I haven't lost my temper yet; however, I'm just about to ask her who at FAG appointed her hall monitor.

So wish me luck (and self-control!) in dealing with this unwelcomed intrusion into an otherwise lovely day.

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  1. I've got one of those that seems to intrude all the time. It started with my cuz, he was constantly sending me her obituary, which I had no intentions of using. I finally put exactly what I wrote on my blog about her on there just so he would leave me along.

  2. How did it turn out?

  3. After several emails, which I did not respond to, she stopped emailing me. In an unrelated event--my first FAG bully--I had to file an abuse complaint with FAG to get a note removed. The note was ordering me to delete the memorial. It's amazing what people are willing to do on Find A Grave. And Mavis--I like your solution to the pesky person.

  4. Dont blame the people using the site blame the site owner who foster and condones the behavior.

    1. No one at Find A Grave wrote to me. An individual person--who was responsible for her own behavior--wrote to me in a bullying and offensive manner. Had she written to me in a respectful and polite manner, I would have responded in kind. From my point of view, Find A Grave had "no dog in this fight" and shares no blame for what went on. Blame belongs exclusively to the woman who wrote to me in an inappropriate manner.

  5. Interesting theory, because if there is no disciplinary action for bad behavior, and trust me there is none!Then the website condones it. which is why you are just one of hundreds who are bullied by other volunteers a day.