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Monday, January 10, 2011

Anderson Cornucopia Continues

The McArthur Public Library in Biddeford, Maine rocks! I asked them to check five names in an obituary index. They checked the index, pulled the obituaries, and tried to send them to me for free since it was my first request. I sent them a small donation anyway.

I received the five obituaries in the mail today. I dutifully entered them in PAF (Yes, I still use old PAF--It works!). My next step was to add them to the Woodlawn Cemetery in Biddeford. On a whim, I decided to check before adding the names. Well a Mr. Charles Baker (God love his generous soul) had beat me to it. He had added a bunch of Andersons. I've emailed him asking that he transfer all of them to me. I don't think all of them are mine but you can never tell. If someone contacts me, I'll transfer the ones that don't belong to me.

Anywho--The following Find A Grave entries exist:
Memorial Name
63738637 Augustus B. Anderson (not mine?)
63739093 Donna Lee Anderson (maybe mine, maybe not mine)
64018091 Elizabeth G. Anderson w/obit
63695715 Esther Anderson (lots of info to add)
63738792 Hannah Dennett Anderson (not mine?)
63738487 Henry P. Anderson (have an obit to add)
63738438 Joseph Anderson (I picked up death year)
63368182 Julia (Pierce) Anderson w/obit
63368793 Mary Hannah Anderson w/obit
63738975 Matilda H. Anderson (not mine?)
63738741 Maud L. Anderson (not mine?)
63738448 William Anderson (I picked up a death year)

As soon as I can, I'll add the remaining obits and links to start creating a family tree.

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