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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Find A Grave Success

I’m an advocate for advertising research projects. One of the best ways to make contacts is to advertise, advertise, advertise. To that end, I write articles about my family and have them published in society journals. I post queries to message boards. I maintain a family website. I started this blog for just that purpose.

Another advertising activity I engage in is adding memorials to Find A Grave where I'm Pam (#47140371). I try to always complete a bio for each person I add, many times adding details from the person’s obituary. My current count is 264 memorials in one year and seven months.

Well today all the work paid off. I received an email from Bryan, a member of the Alexander McKee line (Child 6 in the family list on the left). I’ve got pretty good info for this line starting from Alexander. My info begins to get sparse as it comes forward…the more recent the date, the less info I have. So being able to work with Bryan has the potential to answer so many questions.

I’ve heard great stories about contacts that were made thru Find A Grave, and now, I might just have my own story to tell. So Bryan, if you’re reading this post, email me again! We have lots and lots to correspond about.

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