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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hezekial should be Hezekiah

I have notes from family members stating that Hezekial Othnell Henderson is the correct spelling of the name of the man who married Lucinda Ann Booth in Texas on 24 Feb 1885. In a routine check of Henderson on Find A Grave, I found an entry for a Hezekiah Henderson with the same birth and death dates. The picture of his grave clearly shows the spelling Hezekiah. The notes on this second memorial also say that this man was married to Lucinda Booth.

I went back and checked the censuses. Here's the run down (year and first name):
1860 Kezakiah
1870 Hezekiah
1880 Hesekiah
1920 Hezekiah
1930 Hezekiah

I guess I should have taken the spelling in the censuses more seriously, and given less weight to what I was being told by members of one line in this family. A quick check on Ancestry.com turned up a bunch of people looking of Hezekiah...all married to Lucinda. I also located a Missouri death certificate (26433) and it too has the spelling Hezekiah. It's hard to read and could be an h or an l but I'm going with h. My next stop is going to be Random Acts to see if somebody can locate an obituary.

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