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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Billie Jo (Green) Neal

Billie who was born in 1937 had a custom ID of L (lurk), which means that I should be checking the Web for an obituary. I've been through my Ls at least three times in 2010 and never found an obituary for Billie. However, in this pass, I was looking for her husband and found her instead.

Billie was married to J. C. Neal. I've found all sorts of records for J. C.; however, none of the records say what J. C. stands for. At this point, I'm about convinced that his name is just the initials J. C. and that the initials don't stand for anything. I'm hoping that somebody reading this post will correct the error of my ways and tell me what J. C. stands for.

Anyway, Billie's obit opened the door to so much information. Her obit included her marriage date and place, the date of J. C. Neal's death, and of course, a list of survivors.

Billie's burial location also lead me to the Sulphur Bluff (New) Cemetery Registry, which included information that I was missing on J. C.'s parents: John Plenket Neal and Effie Mae Jackson (who is a Burns/Booth decendant). Both of J. C.'s parents are in the same cemetery. With dates, I was able to backtrack into records and correctly identify records for John and Effie.

You can find the following on Find A Grave:
Billie Jo (Green) Neal - 41324538
J. C. Neal - 66226816
John Plenket Neal - 66226983
Effie Mae (Jackson) Neal - 66227070
James Henry Jackson - 59886089
Pearl Elizabeth (Burns) Jackson - 59886062

Pearl is the daughter of William B. Burns (F.A.G.7029432)and Sarah C. Booth (Bill and Sally).

In this period of searching for my Ls, I've found lots of women. The obituaries help so much in identifying exactly who they are.

Next, I'm going to be concentrating on my Ds. These are people who I know are dead (I have a death date and record), or based on their date of birth, are most likely no longer living. I need to find dates of death and then pursue obituaries.

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