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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Joseph went by J. C.

One of the best aspects of using the Custom IDs for each of my family members is that it causes me to concentrate on the entries that need work. As I've said, I'm working my way through the Ds (dead or should be dead based on DOB). I do two things with D entries:

1. Concentrate on getting death info if it's missing (date and place).
2. Figure out where I might find an obituary.

Thus it was with J. C. who was missing a date and place of death. Based on city directory entries in Ancestry, I knew his DOB was 30 Jul 1934. Based on family member's obituaries, I knew he was living until about 1995 but was dead by 2005 and that he lived in Mascoutah, Illinois. This information gave me a framework to search SSDI. But I couldn't find anything under Joseph. I finally searched for all McKee entries in Illinois with a date range and found him under J. C. with the correct DOB. Here's the entry:

Name: J. C. McKee
SSN: 494-36-0495
Born: 30 Jul 1934
Died: 15 Oct 1994
State (Year) SSN issued: Missouri (1951)

My next step of course it to try to figure out what newspaper his obituary might have appeared in. I'll also know to look under J. C. as well as Joseph C. Based on Pipl entries (www.pipl.com), J. C. and his wife Carol, have children, which puts me in touch with living relatives.

P. S. Forgot to mention that J. C. is the son of Ivan Joseph McKee (FAG memorial 7907325) and Emma Merdell Deppe (FAG memorial 7907322).

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