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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Genlighten and Obituaries

As the editor of Florida Lines (FSGS newsletter), I try to keep abreast of anything new that develops so that I can alert users. So it was with Genlighten, which is a service that matches an info seeker and a local researcher. In most cases, researchers charge a minimal fee to look up info for you. I haven't been to Genlighten much lately. Mostly because they didn't have many researchers in geographic areas that were of interest to me. While I've been away, the list of researchers have grown. So I've booked the following obituary searches:

Earl C. Crain, d. 13 Aug 1999, Baldwin, MO
John William Knierim, d. 12 Jun 1940 Kirkwood, MO
Roy O. Mangano, d. 26 Jan 1996 Saint Louis, MO
Olive (McClure) McGuire, d. 14 Dec 1919 Colorado Springs, CO
Mamie Alice (Boyd) McGuire, d. 10 Jan 1974 Colorado Springs, CO
Ellen Ida (Jones) McKee, d. 7 Jan 1949 Firman Desloge Hospital, St. Louis, MO
Helena (Reitz) McKee, d. 8 Sep 1951 Saint Louis, MO
Ira Jesse McKee, 29 Jul 1954 Maplewood, MO
James McKee, d. 6 Jan 1924 Saint Louis, MO
James William McKee, Jan 1964, Maplewood, MO
Katheryn M. McKee, d. 20 Dec 1989 Saint Louis, MO
Roger McKee, d. Mar 1979 Saint Louis, MO
Minnie Florence (Plumber) McKinley, d. 9 May 1908 Saint Louis, MO
Roy George Paglusch, d. 19 Aug 1947 Saint Louis, MO
Roy Leonard Steele, d. 11 Mar 1986 Puyallup, WA

We'll see how good the Genlighten researchers are.

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