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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Genlighten Update

The researcher found half of the obituaries I requested. The only surprise was for John William and Jennie Elizabeth (McKee) Knierim. In looking at death certificates, they indicated that Oakhill Cemetery was in Illinois (I assumed the Sparta area). However, the obits indicated that Oak Hill was in Kirkwood, Missouri. When I checked Find A Grave, I found several Knierim in there, including John's father. So I was able to add the following memorials and request photos:

John William Knierim = 67267285
Jennie Elizabeth (McKee) Knierim = 67267620

Since I finally had a location for Jennie too, I got to publish the following as part of her memorial:

The Plaindealer, Sparta, IL, 25 Nov 1887
Miss Lizzie McKee, of Six Mile, should be voted the blue ribbon by the sportsmen of this section. One day last week a drove of wild turkeys made their appearance on the McKee farm and there being no men folks about the premises, she took down the old shotgun and went forth to do battle with the invaders. She fired one barrel and killed two, then the other barrel and killed one. Is there a better record in the Sparta Gun Club this season?

I spent a total of $30.00 to have a Missouri researcher look for 12 obituaries. The researcher found six. In addition, I now know that the six the researcher didn't find were not published in the Saint Louis area. I can switch to the Sparta, Illnois newspaper to see if obituaries were published there.

I've yet to hear from the researchers from Washington or Colorado.

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