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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Anderson Obits

Finally, checked the Google News Archive to see what newspapers they had. Lo and behold they have the Biddeford Weekly Journal with dates that cover Anderson family events.

Biddeford Weekly Journal, Biddeford, Maine, 28 Apr 1911, page 3

Joseph Anderson

Joseph Anderson, a well known resident of this city who underwent an operation at the Trull hospital some 10 days ago for an affection of the brain died Monday at that institution, the efforts of the surgeons to prolong his life proving of no avail. The operation, which is known as trapanning and which is a very delicate one, was performed for the purpose of removing a tumor from the brain, a part of the skull being removed. It was performed by Dr. H. F. Twitchell of Portland, who was assisted by Dr. F. E. Small of this city.

For a time following the operation the patient seemed to improve, but more recently there was a change for the worse, when it was realized that nothing could be done for the unfortunate man.

Mr. Anderson was a slosher tender on the Pepperell and lived at 17 Middle Street, where the funeral will be held, notice of which will be given later. His age was about 47 years. He came to this country from England a number of years ago and had since that time resided in this city. He is survived by a wife and nine children.

Biddeford Weekly Journal, Biddeford, Maine, 17 May 1912, Page 8

William J. Anderson

Last Monday, following a long illness, occurred the death of William J. Anderson at the age of 14 years and nine months. He is survived by his mother, three brothers and five sisters and a grandmother, of whom live at 17 Middle Street.

The young man was a son of Mrs. Julia and the late Joseph Anderson and had many friends who will mourn his untimely death. He was a member of the Boy Scouts of Christ church.

Now that I've blitz my way to the two events I knew should be there, I need to stop and do a careful read to pick up any less obvious info. It's time to move off of my laptop and onto my desktop with the huge monitor...to save my poor old eyes.

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