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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Enforced Break

My old laptop finally blew up on Friday night. So I'm on my desktop. I suppose I should be happy to be so computer rich. I have access to lots of them. However, not being able to snuggle down in the comfort of my sofa and watch TV while I troll for new or better info is a real drag. When I'm at my desktop, I'm in my home office, which is where I work...no real work...not fun genealogy.

So now the question is do I give up my old trusty (well maybe not so trusty) friend in favor of a spiffy new friend? Or do I get my old laptop fixed (again!) and see if I can milk it for yet a few more searches. Computers have become so cheap compared to what they used to cost that not buying a new one seems silly. But I get attached to things...you should see the keep sakes in my china cabinet.

In the meantime, the enforced break means I can read while the TV goes in the background or crochet. I owe two freezing sisters-in-law winter scarves.

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