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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Margaret Louise Allen

Mrs. Hoyt Oliver Smith's maiden name was Margaret Louise Allen.

After using Pipl to find out that Hoyt was related to Brandon Wayne Smith, I looked up Brandon in Ancestry to see if I could begin to figure out who each of the people mentioned in the Intelius file on Pipl were. Turns out that Brandon died in 2004 at age 23. He has an exuberant obituary on Ancestry and Find A Grave (9686229). Brandon's obituary lead me to the name of his father, James Hoyt Smith, who died in 1987. I could then pursue birth and marriage records for James to construct the family group. Using James' birth record, I found out that the Miss Allen that Hoyt married 4 Aug 1942 was Margaret Louise Allen.

At the moment, I'm waiting to hear from the Houston library. I've requested a search for obituaries for Hoyt and James.

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